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Amura Voidwalker

The Amura Lovers

Worshipped as Gods - the Amura lived in luxury, their Yojas adorned with precious gems, metals, furs and exotic cloth.

Narla was one of the most wanted - most beloved of her kind, seen as a Matriarch of the Amura which was unheard of within the Dralic. 

Some feared this power she had over the other Amura and any who visited her - they seemed to become enthralled by her, addicted to her meer presence. 

Narla was in an Amura encampment on the Aloha island - she preferred the peace and making others work to see her. 

The Elders didn’t approve of her taking an ancient ruin to settle into with her other Amura thralls - but as long as she wasn’t coercing with the Hewa Cultists or breaking the rules that protected the Amura, the Elders left her alone. 

But with the peace and quiet and the visitors becoming less frequent, she became bored and tired. She wanted some excitement - and she wasn’t getting any stuck on the Aloha Islands. 

Deciding to venture out while the others slept, she took a boat to the Ahi Islands, following the adventurous music emanating from the shores, lit up with open fires. 

Dralic were dancing and singing as if the music itself were setting them alight with life! 

Narla’s heart raced, already her pheromones were attracting others to her presence as she started to dance by one of the fires. 

Some moved away, terrified by the effect her Amura scent would have on them - however, one remained… 

A female Aciha danced like an enraged flame, her body twisting and curling to the beat alongside Narla - she felt soft embers rekindle the excitement she’d longed for. 

The rest of the evening felt like a rush of heat and wine as they spent hours entwined in each other’s embrace. 

It wasn’t the same as it had been with others - the light in the female Aciha’s eyes was still bright, alive - not enthralled but enticed. 

They met as often as they could after that night - Narla preferred to sneak off to the Ahi Islands to escape the boredom of her encampment. 

Sasha - a lover and a friend to Narla, they spent countless days and night together; until finally, they committed a taboo act. 

They marked each other, choosing each other as their mate. At the time they didn’t care for much of the world outside their Yoja, every moment expanded their little world outside reality. 

When Narla returned to the Aloha islands that night, the Elders were waiting for her. Someone had informed them of Narla and Sasha’s relationship, and seeing the marking on the Amura’s neck confirmed it all… 

It was from then on - the Amura were punished for Narla’s act of selfishness - they became slaves. 

Tied to poles in their tents for hours - Dralic from around the islands would walk in and take advantage of their exposure for their own pleasure.

In between these times of servitude - the Amura would be cleaned, fed and allowed to sleep with others of their kind, however, their hands were always bound and their mouth muzzled to prevent them from pleasuring both themselves and others.

Narla felt her soul slowly slip away - she didn’t know what had happened to Sasha and hadn’t seen her since that night… 

She spent nights watching the Yoja entrance, hoping she’d come through and save Narla from her fate. 

Her empty days turned into bitterness for her betters; the Elders and their rules - surely they had no more power than the rest of them - why should they have a say on how she spends her life and who she chooses to spend it with. 

Weeks become months - sinking into insentience, Narla’s heart became empty; her eyes dull and her body numb. So much so she barely noticed the commotion; screaming, crackling and smoke that filled the Yoja she was sleeping in. 

She couldn’t bring her body to move, wanting the fire to cleanse her of what little life was left within her, and leave her with the memories she had with Sasha. 

The smoke started to cloud her senses, her eyes weakly trying to stay open as if a tired will was trying to keep her awake. The smell of burning hide and incense stung the hot air - she was going to die here… and she was content with it. 

Her eyes closed for a final time - her mind went blank and her body limp. 

“Sasha…” Narla chanted her name, her lips moved but no sound echoed from her throat. 

When her eyes painfully willed to open once more she found herself in a dark surrounding, tainted with a purple hue from an open flame in the centre of the room. Something soft and warm gently tilted her head and water trickled down her throat, her tongue lapping at the fresh drink as if inhaling it. 

Narla’s vision started to clear, noticing a Darlic with purple fins softly beaming down. A tightness of familiarity grips her heart, those eyes… her scent.


Narla’s voice cracked with both exhaustion and emotion - could it really have been her. 

The Dralic only beamed down at her, cupping Narla’s cheek and resting her crest against hers. 

“It’s me, my love…”

Overwhelmed with joy they embraced for a time - tracing each other's features as if mapping out the paths their hands had once wondered. 

Sasha told Narla her story; when they were torn apart by the Elders, she sought help from the Hewa Cultists. 

They set the Amura tents on fire as a distraction, cutting the others free but bringing Narla back here into their Sanctuary. 

It didn’t take much for Sasha to convince Narla to convert - to bathe within the Oblivion Source and join the cult in their cause to bring back their rightful leaders and cast doubt on the Elders. 

Not much was heard of the lovers after the fire, the two Dralic that caused the beginning and end of the Amura’s suffering. 

Only rumours where heard; certain instances of a Voidwalker fazing in the shadows, protecting the other Amura, punishing those who treated them poorly. 

Some Dralic that visited the Aloha islands claimed they’d lost control of their emotions, something effecting them, losing control of themselves, becoming angry or afraid of their surroundings. The force seems to release them randomly leaving them with a sense of confusion, unable to remember what had happened during their uncontrollable phases of unwanted emotion. 

Others claimed sightings of the lovers wandering the Aloha islands hand in hand, their bodies mere whisps under the canopies. 

The story invoked fear toward the Hewa and the Amura for a time, but nothing ever lasts before it becomes myth and legend. 

Amura Voidwalker Powers

When an Amura bathes in Oblivion Source, their pheromones become more powerful - more terrifying. 

Whilst most Dralic are wary of the Amura’s effect on them, being careful to control their natural urges to their mere scent - an Amura who’s body has been soaked in the Ancient’s power could surpass their will with ease and control their very emotions. 

Their pheremones allow them to invoke another Dralic with any emotion, making them feel what the Amura Voidwalker willed, except for ‘love’. 

But it has a limit, depending on their distance from their target, the pheromones can wear off and in order to affect them, they have to be in close proximity to effect a Dralic, allowing their pheromones to affect their senses. 

They’re abilities also only effect other Dralic - as far as we know, their pheromones have no effect on any other race.

Physical attributes

Physical changes the Amura take on when bathed in Oblivion source are similar to that of the other Dralic. Their genitalia and talons taint with a purple hue.  

The differences are the Amura’s most obvious trait, their mood-changing fins remain just as they are - this is mostly tied to their tainted ability to invoke any emotion save for ‘love’ within another Dralic. Because of their lack of Elemental abilities - they also don't form Oblivion Source Orbs between their horns, making them far easier to blend in with Dralic clans.