This is a closed species - please read Valkte Terms of Use

Adopt a Valkte

Welcome to the 'Adopt a Valkte' page!

Here you can select certain details of your Valkte adopt that you'd like creating for you. Once the artist receives your enquiry, they'll be in touch to start the process.

Once completed a high res ref sheet will be supplied of the adopt.

- Character Ref sheet can be re-uploaded to adopters gallery with proper credits to me.
- Please be sure to read the lore before requesting a Valkte, it's had a lot of love and work put into it. You can find links to their lore below :)
- NOT for RESALE or TRADE, these guys are special with Lore attached to them,
please treat them well.
- Please read the VALKTE TERMS OF USE >


Just the Adopt: £60 GBP
(Adored Veteran/Aultora Character Owner Discount: £50 GBP)

Discounted Basic Commission: £90 GBP
[This includes the adopt AND a basic commission of the adopted character]
(Adored Veteran/Aultora Character Owner Discount: £80 GBP)

[SFW Version Can be supplied upon request:
Light coverage and NSFW details removed for an extra £5 GBP]