This is a closed species - please read Dralic Terms of Use

Phrases and Words

The Dralic dialect is soft and welcoming - whilst their voices hold a slight raspy vocal vibration, it's almost relaxing to hear and somewhat enchanting.

The wording below is just a few examples of their language and how to pronounce some of the more popular phrases and words. 

  • Greetings/Partings

    Hello - Hone (Hon-eh)

    Welcome - Hone’la (Hon-eh-la)

    Farewell - Silan’e (Si-lan-eh)

    Morning - Nulan (Nu-larn)

    Afternoon - Ja’ina (Ja-ina)

    Night - Kona’le (Ko-na-leh)

  • Romantic Gestures

    I Love you - Kai Kisan’en (K-ai Ki-san-en)

    I want you - Kai Innan (K-ai In-narn)

    Be mine - Me’lanna (Meh-lan-na)

    Soulmate - Sula’ina (Su-la-ina)

    Love - Kisa (Ki-sah)

    Heart - Hena (Hen-ah)

  • Terms of Endearment

    Desired one - Linwe (Lin-weh)

    My Love - Kisa’len (Kis-ah-len)

    Dearest - Adarn (Ad-arn)

    My Heart - Hena’le (Hen-a-leh)

    Soul One - Sula’ne (Su-lah-neh)

    Mate - Vann'en (Van-neh-n)

    My Moonlight - Kis Hina'Sho (Kis-hee-na-sho) 

    My Everything - Kis'Elona (Kis-eh-lo-na)

    My Eternal - Kis'Telann (Kis-Ta-len)

  • Other Words

    Moon - Hina (Hee-na)

    Sun - Lania (La-nee-ah)

    Stars - Houka (How-kah)

    Moonlight - Hina'sho (Hee-na-sho) 

  • Cursing


    Flaming Void!

    Serpents take me!
    (See Description Below)

    Surfing Salks! 
    (See Description Below)

    Abyss take you!

    Oblivion’s hell!

    Ancients ass!

    Common curse words are also used:




    For example:

    Ancients d**n you!

    F**king void!

    Serpent’s S**t!

    (The use of the word 'Serpents' when cursing - refers to the large black tendril like forms from their murals that hung from the skies and stretched up from the land and seas. A terrifying picture of the Ancient's power)

    (Salks are a large sea creature - of which the Dralic find amusing to imagine surfing)

  • Adjectives

    Beautiful - Olan’ah (Ol-an-ah)

    Magical/Magic - Zanil’ha (Zan-il-ha)

    Disgusting - Okra (Ok-ra)

    Idiot - Voka (Vo-ka)

    Serious - Valon (Val-on)

    Dominant - He’das (Heh-das)

    Submissive - So’dan (So-darn)

    Warm - Solen (Sol-en)

    Hot - Sol (S-ol)

    Cold - Wa’nen (Wah-nen)

    Sweet - Ji’ne (Ji-neh)

  • Colours

    Blue - Boe (Bo-w)

    Red - Ona (On-ah)

    Purple - Unade (Un-na-deh)

    Pink - Inka (In-kah)

    Orange - Nelle (Nel-leh)

    Yellow - Melino (Mel-in-o)

    Green - Qu’ai (Kw-ai)

    Black - Vill’e (Vil-leh)

    White - So’wa (So-wah)

    Silver - Nossa (No-sa)