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The Guardian Yggdrasial

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Yggdrasial is a balancer and protector of worlds, an entity of phenomenal Astral power and a manifestation of universal energy. Where he originated from no one knows, however, it’s been said he could only have been summoned by something with immense power, an Ancient. 

Some have seen his silhouette across the skies, alongside the Guardians. There only a few scrawlings of Yggdrasial in existence; dotted murals of his darkly beautiful appearance - all of which picture him beside the Guardians in some form or another. 

The Elders have taught of Yggdrasial’s purpose is to protect the Guardians in the skies, aiding them in their venture to keep a balance in Aultora. What is taught of Yggdrasial, is that he was summoned just as the 'Roots of Annihilation spell' was cast, in hopes he would watch over the children of a new race.

Yggdrasial has been protecting the Guardians since their birth, during their young years and eventually became Sula’ina to both Hina and Rhex; journeying with them side by side as they created the Dralic race and restored balance in Aultora after the Reign of the Ancients. The stories are cryptic about why an Ancient would summon such a powerful creature to protect a race they didn’t know would exist after their demise, the Guardians, the Dralic.

There are bedtime stories that tell of a compassionate Ancient that knew of the 'Roots of Annihilation spell' and gave it to a Kamina he fell in love with, Ayla; using the spell in harmony to wipe the Ancients and their dark reign from the face of Aultora. They tell that the Guardians are the offspring of their sacrifice, protecting the souls of their parents in the Sun and Moon staffs they wield and that in time, Yggdrasial and the Guardians will one day restore something long forgotten that will change the fate of Aultora forever.