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History of the First Iron Maiden and the First Wyviness

There is an old record in the Saphina Archives that dates back to the end of the Ancient’s reign; it depicts the life of a Kamina who became the first Iron Maiden and the first Wyviness. 

Because her mother perished after giving birth - she never got a chance to be named, she was raised by the other Kamina in captivity. Locked in the dark pits of the Ancient’s temple, they were raised to know nothing but fear and live in darkness. 

Living on the grubs that scurried into their pit, the Kamina strived to survive, most Kamina who had abilities either fled or died in battle, leaving the others stranded. 

The nameless Kamina knew their carer had died, feeling their limp body across their lap from where they’d fallen asleep...days ago. Afraid she would lose herself in the darkness as well, she began to crawl around in the void, her fingertips running along the walls of her prison.

After days, her fingernails latched onto something loose, stone but smoother, clawing at it desperately for what felt like hours, maybe even days. Finally, whatever it was started to come loose, but it was only the beginning, dirt and grime were all that was left between her and freedom. Feeling it easily slip through her fingers as she clawed herself through the moist soil, wet from rain which could only mean she was close to the surface. 

Crawling through the narrow muck was more frightening than being trapped in the solitary dungeon, feeling at any moment the darkness could close in and consume her.  

Her sore fingers suddenly felt the relief of air, real air, as they tore through the surface of the ground, pushing the dirt away to make enough room for her to squeeze through… 

Her flesh suddenly got caught on sharp vines that stretched over the opening she’d made, her skin covered in scratches by the time she pushed her way up. 

The first thing she felt - was the rain hitting her skin, making her new wounds thaw slightly - then the unimaginable feeling of freedom sank in… looking around at the flowers that grew along the thorned vines, a beautiful white and gold… 

After her quiet moment, taking in the strange world, she picked one of the flowers and started searching for someone to help her free the others… 

She came across a group of her kind using the flower she’d picked to communicate where others were being held and begged them to help. 

This was just the beginning of her story… 

When the Kamina were free - they were guided back to their homeland by the Guardians, who spoke of brave souls who helped bring the Ancient’s reign to an end. 

They helped them rebuild their city - society being reborn by the remaining Kamina who survived the attack and imprisonment. Slowly civilisation reaffirmed itself, and new magics were born in their people - one of which created their new agent forces - the Iron Maidens. 

The unnamed Kamina discovered powers swelling beneath her fingertips, powers that were spoken of by the elders of their kind. She gave herself a name, Lillia, named after the flowering vines she reached through for her freedom and used her new abilities to form the Iron Maidens. The Lillia flower became their symbol of triumph, their weapons inspired from the thorned fauna, creating vined whips that ensnared their target in a cage of thorns; she called the weapon ‘Ayla’s Grasp’ - named after the Kamina who sacrificed herself to end her kind’s torment. 

Lillia’s abilities couldn’t be outmatched, she commanded the Iron Maiden agents who defended their new city from invaders - eventually, she fell in love with a fellow agent under her command. It was at this time when her future looked so bright, that everything fell apart… 

During an attack on the Kamina’s new city, Saphina - dark creatures that hailed from the Coral Peaks, swarmed their borders to which the Iron Maidens held in order to protect the inner city; Lillia’s abilities and physical appearance started to twist and bend frightfully.

Her horns and nails grew longer, wings spanned from her back tearing through her clothes like blades, expanding behind her at a fearful size. She’d dropped her weapon during the chaos and in doing so started to lash out at the creatures attacking their city, her city, cutting them down in multiple groups until finally, they retreated… 

Her power and strength were unruly - turning to her fellow agents in both fear and victory - but she was greeted with terrified looks, her friends, her companions even her lover drew away from her in fear… 

She pleaded that her new strength would be able to protect their city even more so than before, but they wouldn’t hear it. 

After everything they’d been through with the Ancients, the Kamina were still young and paranoid, Lillia’s transformation before their eyes they could only see as a curse that could afflict them all should she remain. 

One by one, the Iron Maidens spun out their Ayla’s Grasp, wrapping it around the creature they feared. Hurt and betrayed, Lillia burst from their grasp and fled Saphina city, condemning herself to the darkness of some caves in the Dragon Teeth Mountains. 

Hoping to die, she was disturbed when more turned Kamina were brought to the caves and ever since has kept order within their dwelling. Even today Lillia, now known as the High Wyviness has no thralls of her own - but feeds on the lust of her fellow Wyvins, whoever she pleases - she is one to which all Wyvins answer, desire and obey without question, a Mistress of Darkness. 

Wyvins speak of a powerful Wyviness who teaches them how to use and control their new abilities, makes newcomers and their thralls feel at home, making life in the Wyvin caves just that little bit more comfortable.  

The Frost Blade Guards occasionally hear screams of lust and pleasure coming from within the Wyvin caves, but there’s one scream, in particular, that sounds like something from a nightmare who they believe is the High Wyviness herself feeding on the desire of her followers.

The High Wyviness has certain advantages over the rest, having lived as a Wyviness for all this time, she is a being of immense strength and knowledge and has obtained an ability or two that have worked in her favour. 

She has eyes all over Aultora in the form of everyday civilians who gather information for her - so she is always aware of the happenings of today. 

This Mistress of Darkness has a part to play in the current events of Aultora, keeping tabs on the movements of certain key players; she knows which side she’s on...

The Iron Maidens are agents of Saphina, a class of Kamina that are able to manipulate the flesh through touch, healing, decaying, strengthening or even weakening a body mass. Usually, their magic gives off a cloud of butterflies which change colour depending on the type of manipulation they're executing. For Example, Red is usually to heal, Green to weaken or poison, Blue to Strengthen and Purple to Decay. 

They cannot control another person or creature's body to their will, and their abilities have no effect on Crimson Stalkers. They can only manipulate the effect of cells in a living being's flesh. 

Their common use of their powers whilst fighting or restraining; is through their weapon known as 'Ayla's Grasp' - they're able to conduct their power through the vine of their whip to affect their target from a distance. 

Iron Maiden's Weapon

The Iron Maidens all carry a significant weapon, once made from mere Lillia thorned flower vines, is now a complex device forged by the Vost, Sahpina's neighbouring realm. Inspired by the vines of history's flower, the whip they call 'Ayla's Grasp' reacts to the Iron Maiden's abilities. The whip is usually smooth when curled up on a Maiden's hips, however, one flick of their wrist on the handle can make the thorns appear along its length. 

From the handles to the flower-bud tip of the whip, runs a special fibre invented by the Vost that can conduct magical energy. An Iron Maiden Kamina need only focus their ability into the handle so it can be sent down the whip and even to the flower-bud at the end. 

The thorns are also activated via the handle - making the whip that much more effective when they wrap their target in a cocoon of spikes, hence the name of their class, the Iron Maidens. 

When the thorns are activated, the magical energy spun down the whip can be transmitted through the thorns and into their target for a much more immediate effect.

When energy is sent to the flower bud at the end of the vine, it creates an explosive effect with magic upon impact with its target. 

Ayla's Grasp Golden Vine Whip - can only be used by an Iron Maiden

Mistress of Darkness, Lillia

You've read her story of how she came to be known as Lillia the High Wyviness, whilst her history ties in with that of the first Iron Maidens and how they were formed, she now has a much different role in Aultora. Her abilities are more powerful to that of a common Wyviness, not to mention her special ability to manipulate others.

Lillia has an uncanny ability to get inside your head, she knows what you're thinking, feeling and can predict how you'll react to certain predicaments. This is how her own special cult of spies has spread deep within the veins of Aultora. 

Lillia herself doesn't have any thralls of her own - and hasn't needed any, whilst the cult known as 'Lillia's thorns' are her eyes and ears of Aultora - she feeds on the pleasure of other Wyvins of her choosing, who willingly share in her lust. 

Some say her little spies go as deep as to have even infected the Frost Blade Guards, almost all of which allow her informants and herself in and out of the Wyvin Caves. 

Lillia is a force not to be reckoned with, her power and persuasion will have you questioning your very existence in the World of Aultora.