This is a closed species

Terms of Use

Please read before adopting a Kamina


    1. The Kamina are a CLOSED race with hard-working world lore built behind them - pieces will be released over time until the Artist deems it complete. 
    2. Do not change, or alter the Kamina's form, gender, physical attributes, lore or origin in any way, including lore-based weapons/objects that come with your adopt - this is a species with hard-working lore behind it - please respect this. (Increasing or decreasing genitalia or weight of the character is acceptable.)
    3. Do not create your own lore-based character/object/clothing/weapon, unless there are pre-made/custom adopts available to purchase from the artist. 
    4. The Artist is happy for you to place your adopted character in any setting in terms of timeline, world and/or role-play they are your character once adopted. 
    5. Do not trade or re-sell your character once adopted - any adopts made are designed with care and love, they are not for resale or trading for profit. 
    6. Any questions regarding the Kamina, feel free to ask the artist, they are happy to answer. 
    7. Only adopt a Kamina character if you truly wish to use them - a lot of work is put into their lore and design, it's heartbreaking to find out they're not being used or treated with respect. 
    8. The Artist holds all rights to the design of the Kamina race and their lore - nothing regarding their lore can be changed or altered in any way unless the artist deems it necessary. 
    9. Please make sure to give the lore a read - there is a great deal, but it's worth it if you truly wish to connect to your character. 
    10. Please keep your eye out for new lore! The Artist is constantly updating and creating new lore to gradually make the story of their origin rounded and exciting. 
    11. The Artist holds all rights to all artwork she creates regarding the lore and artwork of the Kamina, including adopt reference sheets, commissions and comics etc.
    12. You are able to commission others of your adopted character, however, you cannot use any artwork of them for commercial purposes.

    If you have any questions - please feel free to contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Just have fun!