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The Lotus Festival is held once a year in the city of Saphina - open to all around Aultora to attend. Dancers, vendors, entertainers, fireworks, the city is lit up and filled with music and life - visitors from around the realms make an effort to attend the event.

Though the main event of the ‘Lotus Festival’ is held in the ‘Black Lotus Temple’ - a large inn where the patrons are treated like royalty. The Kamina hosts dress in luxurious robes and show each of the patrons to a room specially designed to pander to their every need - they’re fed exotic foods and drink, bathed in sensually scented baths before bed by the Kamina host.

Since the Kamina are an all-female race they are unable to breed among their own - so they hold this event once a year to conceive the larger part of their next generation with the male and hermaphrodite patrons that visit the ‘Black Lotus Temple’.

Females are also welcome to the Temple event and are entertained in the same way as the Male and hermaphrodite patrons - this is mostly for fun, companionship and affection.

Of course, this isn’t the only occasion the Kamina conceive, they find lovers, companions in their everyday lives. Whilst the Kamina need a male or hermaphrodite partner to conceive - they’re open and loving to all genders.

This extravagant event also features ‘Ayla’s Spirit’ a name given to a ritual where everyone can take part in releasing a pink lantern into the sky to symbolise the ‘Free Spirit’. An action of remembrance of the Kamina’s Goddess Ayla, the Kamina who conjured the ‘Roots of Annihilation’ spell to end the Reign of the Ancients and set Aultora free. This is a festival of freedom, spirit and new life.

Specialities served at the Lotus Festival


Boaren Fondue

Grilled chunks of Boaren meat in a mixture of culinary cheeses from around the seven realms of Aultora, sprinkled with spices and floral herbs. Usually served in a bowl with a metal skewer.

Skimal & Sweet Rice

Raw Skimal fish slices served in a crown around a mountain of sweet rice and spiced with Papmaka Petals - a tangy edible flower that grows in the Highlands.

Lava Pond Soup

An emptied loaf of bread that's been filled with a spicy soup decorated with grilled cheese and long edible sweet herbs that when combined resemble a pond of lava. 

Specialities served at the Lotus Festival


Ayla's Spirit

A bright and fruity pink alcoholic beverage that resembles the colours of the lanterns released at the Lotus Festival. Blowing out the small flame before drinking will create a warm tang on your tongue. 

The Golden Flower

A drink made in honour of the Kamina's Matriarch, a royal purple coloured drink with a golden shimmer - is made from the mouth-watering Lyka berries that grow along the Saphina Palace rafters. 

Crysallis Breeze

This drink is served with ice-cold sugar crystals that once served with the warm alcohol crates a cloud of soft mist and snow. A drink made in mind of the Valkte, who live in the coldest realm, but are warm at heart.