This is a closed species - please read Kamina Terms of Use

Lore Introduction

Known for their conjuring, enchanting and other such divine abilities; Kamina are an all-female race of humanoids. Having been around since the ‘Age of The Ancients’, the Kamina have been beloved for their erotic physique, their mystic nature and their vast magical abilities. 

They dominate the Highlands of The Seven Realms, the capital of which is their large and luxurious city, Saphina - ruled by The Matriarch of the Kamina. Their city’s markets are known as the ‘The Halo’; one long circuit; rich with traders and merchants from far-flung corners of Aultora; selling exotic and rare goods. 

Their extensive heritage is documented in the Saphina Archives, centred within the city walls; protected by the Kamina’s proud and well-trained agents; ‘The Iron Maidens’. Their long history within Aultora, has undoubtedly made the Kamina one of the most powerful races in The Seven Realms.


The Kamina are mostly a gentle, loving and open-minded race - with the exception of a few. Their main interests revolve around their magic, their love of art, music and their history. 

Being one of the races that have been recorded to inhabit Aultora the longest period of time - their culture is broad and uniquely evolved. Aspects such as art, music, language and politics are interestingly rich with multicultural practises - this shows their natural ability to coexist with other races. 

They believe it’s important to learn from those around you - their realm is open to all, hoping their people will learn from their ways and vice-versa, sharing knowledge and love with their neighbouring realms. 

Kamina travellers also enjoy visiting other realms to experience other cultures taking in their ways, arts, music, food, and much more!

Anatomy and customisation

The Kamina are an all-female humanoid race, the unique aspects of their physique are their horns which are differently shaped among their people, along with their tails with a floral spear at the tip. They also have pointed ears and star-like fringe on their foreheads - their eyes are dark but pupils brightly coloured. Their skin, hair, eyes, inside of their mouth and nail colours can vary as does the colour of their horns and tips of their tails. 

They don’t have a perfect shape or figure - their physique can depend on their daily hobbies or professions. Certain areas of their skin have a speckled texture such as on their shoulders, knees, lower back, forehead, tips of their fingers and base of their tails. 

Some Kamina are known to get tattoos, mostly casters from the Kamina Classes - certain tattoo glyphs can improve their casting or even allow them to use certain spells almost instantly.

Abilities and Classes

Kamina who are gifted with magic abilities, train within three different classes depending on the nature of their talents. The Tempest Guardians, The Shadrift Sions and the Soul Sirens. You can read more about each class below. 

The Tempest Guardians are a class of Kamina that hone their magic energy to natural elements of the world and its creatures. They’re able to create and manipulate nature and possess or control certain creatures, becoming their eyes, wings and claws. 

Their eyes mirror that of the creature they're possessing whilst casting certain possessing or controlling abilities. However, whilst casting elemental abilities; their skin erupts with cracks/veins that reflect the element they're weaving - the Tempest Guardians are not limited to one element of nature.

Shaderift Sions are a class of Kamina that can summon or create Rifts in time and space. The rifts can only mirror reality, allowing the caster to either slip into a different location or transport to a previous time the summoner was present at and remembers clearly. 

They cannot summon different realities through the Rifts - and they do not allow them to go forward in time. Rifts are summoned and appear as mirrors - when summoning a rift the Kamina's eyes glaze over with a reflective silver colour.

The Soul Sirens are a class of Kamina that are able to manipulate souls into objects or weapons. By harvesting a soul from a creature or person, they can use its power to temporarily conjure an object or weapon. The soul is then released and the conjured object or weapon disappears once it has served its purpose. A Soul Siren can summon multiple objects, but the object's shape is dependant on the soul's nature. 

This is a practised ability among the Kamina - however, it is against their laws to harvest a soul from a living being or creature. The Soul Sirens are only ever allowed to harvest a soul that has already passed on, by using a simple ritual to call upon a soul from their place of eternal rest, known as - ‘The Embrace’.

History with the Ancients

During ‘The Age of The Ancients’, the Kamina were snatched from their homelands to fulfil The Ancients’ need to breed.

The Ancients wanted to combine their power with that of the Kamina’s significant magical abilities - and did so by breeding with the poor souls they kidnapped.

However, the Kamina only conceived their own kind, their genes overpowering that of their partner’s. When the Ancients learned this after their first brood, they slaughtered the Kamina for a betrayal that was out of their control.

It was a single brave Kamina that used a spell called ‘Roots of Annihilation’, sacrificing both an Ancient’s and her soul, to bring an end to their dark reign, and the beginning of a new race - the Dralic.

The Wyvin Curse

Known as a defect in certain Kamina's genes which they believe to be a curse from the time of the ‘Ancients Reign’ - their blood tainted from the first Kamina Brood of The Ancients

The Wyvin Curse causes their bodies to undergo certain changes when they reach their ‘Fruility’ stage of adolescence. Changes such as; horns and nails growing longer and tougher, small wings span from the small of their backs, their tongues become longer and pronged at the tip and their canine teeth elongate into sharp fangs. The pupils of their eyes also split into an eight-pointed star-like shape. They call a transformed Kamina, a Wyviness.  


They also are able to weave a type of sticky tar-like substance from their hands, almost like magic - they can entrap you in a glistening skin-tight coating of immobilising dark tar that moves and moulds to the Wyvin’s will. 

When a Wyvin is discovered, the Kamina send them to live in isolation somewhere out of sight. To keep the Wyvins satisfied over their lifespan, the Kamina sacrifice someone to visit their lair as companionship. The sacrifice can be any race living within their realm including their own kind.

Wyvins are not evil or vindictive but they are amorously playful, darkly sensuous and have an uncontrollable sexual desire. A Wyviness can’t reproduce with any race - hence why they cherish their companions throughout their lifespan.

When the sacrifice enters a Wyviness’ liar, their will is broken and moulded by the Wyviness' lust, their prey paralysed by the venom that's administered through their fangs via a flesh deep bite and wrapped in their dark weave - cocooned and toyed with until they become a willing thrall.