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Written and Illustrated by @Origami-Orange & @RH3XY

A mystical race of canines that have a dark history and an ancient curse. Their bodies are embedded with ice-like shards of crystal, known as Crysallis; granting them certain abilities - such as controlling and manipulating the snow, ice and wind.

The Valktes main population are well hidden in the peaks of Dragon Teeth Mountains in a city called Drista, they protect the largest gap in the ridge of sharp mountains that make up the border between realms.

Whilst their domain has become a large trading post now, it was built on hard work and unrelenting willpower to control their lust for flesh.

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A Canine anthropomorphic race that wasn’t always as sentient as they are now. Before they found what gave them voices, minds and cognitive thought, they were mere shadows that tread the unforgiving frozen mountain - preying on those who dared travel through their icy pass.

They fed on the souls that tried to make it through the snowy terrain of Dragon Teeth, a ridge of sharp mountains that made up the border between realms.

Upon finding a hidden cave beneath the deep snow - they discovered a crystal that could barely be distinguished from the ice. It spoke to them, drew them in guided their shadowy forms closer and closer, until finally, the crystal consumed them. They transformed and were given corporeal forms, breathing life into their existence, experiencing the pain of the harsh cold that surrounded them, the desperation of hunger and thirst, and thought, knowing what they were and what they had done, they were given the gift to regret their actions, killing so many.

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The Crystal, become a part of them, shards grew from their heads and sprouted from their shoulders and the tips of their paws. It took them decades to finally master their form, to understand the land and how to survive in it.

They named the Crystal, Crysallis, and began to build their society around it, learning - not just to tame themselves, but the Crysallis too.

Generations of their kind spent listening to the Crysallis, learning what it taught them, to hunt, to build, gather and defend themselves. Over time, they evolved further, walking on their hinds legs giving them their anthro form, wielding weapons they forged of the crystal. They became greedy.

Naming themselves the Valkte - they learnt to harness the Crysallis’ power, the power of ice and snow, tornados, hail storms. The Crysallis became aware of their sudden lust for power, taking advantage of its gifts and knowledge - so, it punished the Valkte.

The Shards buried in their bodies started to grow, their forms changing, twisting into something feral and beastly. Uncontrollable hunger and lust for the hunt, they went savage - their forms were brutal, and their instincts primitive.

Towards the end of their hunger, once it was sated, their forms slowly regressed back to their anthro state - their fur coated in the blood from the hunt and they realised what the Crysallis had made them do.

Regret tormented them for years, trying to pry the shards from their bodies to stop the hunger, but they were buried deep in their flesh, fine cold tendrils strangling their hearts.
The Crysallis whispered to the remaining Valkte - if they wished to remain as they are, they must stop their greed - to seek a way of survival, use their knowledge and abilities to preserve their life, and the lives of those weaker then them…

In order to stop the desperate hunger for flesh, the Valkte did as the Crysallis dictated - and over time built a prosperous community, creating a safe environment in the harsh mountains for any and all that wonder into Dragon Teeth.

They became a trading post that exchanged goods, weapons, food, furs and guided those through the mountain pass. They controlled their hunger, what was once a curse became their main tool to hunt for food - but their savage minds in their feral forms became calmer and ultimately could now change form at will.

They called this transformation, the Bloodlust - however, in order to keep this form tamed, once a month the Valkte would take turns to gather in packs and hunt in their Bloodlust form to sate the hunger for longer periods of time. They call this the Blood Hunt, however, instead of hunting poor lost souls in the mountain pass, they hunted animals and beasts that lurk in the hostile snow.

No one knows how the Crysallis was formed, where it came from or if it was created by an unknown race. But it was first discovered by the Valkte, consuming their primitive forms and giving them a new life.

The Crystal is barely distinguishable from the ice that it grows within, which would explain it’s obscure existence. In the Valkte’s earlier scrolls, they talk about how the Crysallis embedded itself in their flesh and speaks to them, not with words, but depicting understanding in their minds, or communicating through the fine tendrils that stretch out throughout their bodies.

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The shards that protrude from the Valkte’s bodies, glow with a soft blue and appear frosted - it apparently creates an aura of snow that coats their fur, mostly around the tips of their tails, horns and shoulders.

The Crysallis has been known to change colour depending on the nature of the Valkte. For example, when in their Bloodlust form, if they consume an excessive amount of flesh, their Crysallis will turn red and their forms changed into a deep red shadowy figure - a Crimson Stalker, the Valkte call them.

The Valkte are able to manipulate certain elements of snow, ice and wind through the embedded Crysallis in their flesh - it also grants them the ability to harness and forge the crystal into weapons, armour, jewellery and other objects.

Centuries ago, the Valkte were cursed for becoming greedy with the Crysallis’ power and knowledge - forcing them to feel a desperate hunger for flesh which twists their bodies into an almost feral form. Their bodies grow in size, more shards protrude from their shoulders, chest and neck - even their claws elongate into terrifying shards of Crystal.

During the time they’ve been cursed, the Valkte have managed to control the Bloodlust to a point where they no longer attack innocent wanderers in the Mountain pass - and instead hunt either animals and beasts to sate their hunger or for food and materials.

After taming their savage minds, they’re aware of what they’re doing, seeing and hearing in this form, however, there are those that prefer the Bloodlust, never wanting the hunt to end, they continue to feast on blood never returning to their anthro forms; the Valkte call them, Crimson Stalkers.

Once the hunger is sated, it takes all their training and willpower to return to their Anthro form.

The Valkte only use their Bloodlust form for hunting, and once a month go on what’s called a Blood Hunt to sate their desperate hunger for a longer period of time.

However, whilst most Valkte can control their lust for flesh in this state, there are those who are unable to resist the call to feed and continue their hunt, never ending or returning to their anthro form.

These Valkte are called Crimson Stalkers - because of their unending consumption of flesh, certain aspects of their bodies change. The Crysallis shards, corrupt their bodies, turning a deep shade of red - losing all sense of identity as they regress to their shadow forms before the time the Crysallis transformed them.

They’re creatures of nightmares, their eyes turn red in the dark holes of their skulls, their claws elongate to terrifying lengths and crimson drips from their muzzle as if the Crysallis itself is bleeding from within.

The Blood Hunt is a certain time of the month where the Valkte take turns to split into packs and hunt as one in their Bloodlust form to sate the hunger for longer periods of time. However, instead of hunting poor lost souls in the mountain pass, they hunt animals and beasts.

Whilst the Valkte have dedicated centuries to taming their hunger and abilities, the Blood Hunt is a sure-fire-way to sate the cursed hunger for a longer period of time, they don’t use tools or weapons in this form, their bodies were built to hunt.

The Blood Hunt usually takes place at night, when it’s less likely for wanderers to come across them during their feeding, and when the many savage beasts come out and crawl along the Dragon Teeth Mountains.

The Bloodlust form appears in Valkte when they reach as young as 5 years old, meaning even pups join their elders on the hunt so they can be taught to tame their hunger from a young age.

Pregnant females usually have to hunt for longer periods of time, because they need to feed for two - these females are usually accompanied by a larger pack, so they can help them control their hunger should they get out of hand.

Valkte don't just feed on Blood, they devour the flesh leaving nothing but bones. 

For the Valkte that travel far into the different realms outside of Drista - an object called a Blood Shard can either be attained via trade or forged by a Valkte. They’re small, hollow shards of Crysallis that have been filled with the blood of an animal or beast used as a short term solution to subdue a Valkte’s Hunger on a daily basis.

The Shards are forged in a certain way, that weakens an area of the Crysallis, making it easy to break off a section of the shard to release the blood inside. The Valkte tend to bite the weakened area of the shard to drink the blood.

Whilst the shards are common among their kind within large societies like the Drista city, they can also be purchased in trade across different realms or travelling Valkte. The shard contains enough blood to subdue a Valkte’s cursed hunger for a day - making it a short term solution. Valkte females who carry pups also use these shards if they’re unable to hunt during certain stages of pregnancy. As well as injured or sick Valkte that are unable to hunt, are given the shards to subdue their hunger during the time they need to heal.

Whilst the Valkte feast on not just the blood but the flesh too - carrying Blood Shards is much more convinient then carrying hefty portains of flesh. 

The Valkte are able to control and manipulate elements of snow, ice and wind because of the Crysallis, the shards in their bodies also have other helpful qualities. Such as, in the dark, their horns and shards on their shoulders can light up at will to illuminate their way.

On top of controlling the force of the winds, the fall of snow and the direction of ice, they can also create ice, wind and snow from the palms of their hands - conjuring it out of thin air, an ability gifted to them by the Crysallis.

The Red Hunters

This faction consists of hunters that seek and destroy the Crimson Stalkers, protecting their own and those who dwell in and around the Dragon Teeth mountains from their eternal hunger for blood. They train their abilities to successfully hunt their own kind that have gone too far into their Bloodlust.


A faction of Valkte that dedicate their lives and abilities to taming the winds of the mountains, they dwell away from the city on the highest peaks of the Dragon Teeth, either soothing the winds to help people through the pass or making them harsh and unforgiving to protect Drista from attacks.


The Shadowbane is a guild of assassins, a group of Valkte that have severed themselves from their society and take contracts for people’s lives. They push their Bloodlust form to the edge of a Crimson Stalker, but not going all the way, in order to obtain their shadow-like figure for a brief moment allowing for a quick and unforeseen kill.


Frost Blades are the warriors of Drista, trained military forces to protect their city or those they are allied with. They dedicate their training to taming their abilities and are the Valkte that most often change into their Bloodlust form for combat.


A faction built around severing their souls from their bodies. Their empty body becoming host to the Crysallis embedded in their flesh. They believe in sacrificing their souls they are purging their curse from the world making it a better place. They’re called the Whiteshroud because once they sever their souls from their bodies, their eyes coat in a pure white and left expressionless.

The Unshackled

A faction of Valkte alchemists that research, experiment and study the Crysallis to gain a better understanding of its powers, its origin, and how it affects their kind. These Valkte have broken away from Drista and their people not condemning themselves to the rules of the Crystal - stories have been told, that the Unshackled accomplished severing themselves from the Crysallis' connection. 

Valkte appearances vary in different ways:

  • Colour and Pattern of their fur
  • Colour of their eyes
  • Length and colour of the fur on their heads
  • Colour of their noses
  • Length of fur around their necks

However, there are certain aspects that don’t change:

  • Colour and shape of their genitalia
  • Colour of their horns/shards (Unless they’re a Crimson Stalker)
  • Colour of their claws
  • Insides of their ears and mouths
  • Colour of the pads of their paws

The City of


Drista is a large city built at the southern end of the Dragon Teeth Pass, the majority of its population is Valkte, and the origin to their society. Its buildings consist of ice, Crysallis and hardened snow, surrounded in a high wall protecting the many districts the city is made up of.

Travellers who want to make it past the Mountain ridge of Dragon Teeth, have to go through the pass the Valkte protect with their city, guiding travellers through the ridge to the other side safely. 

Medical District

A district consisting of a medical centre for the sick and injured. Alchemists that concoct lotions and potions for healing and curing.

Military District

This district consists of large grounds for training their soldiers and housing if required.

Trading District

A district where all goods are traded and prepared for dispatch.

Cafeteria District

Food markets, taverns and inns make up the majority of this district - if you’re a wandering traveller, this is where you’d be housed.

Forging district

Here the forgers create and build weapons, armour, jewellery and other necessary objects from metals and Crysallis.

Residential District

The civilians of Distra are housed here, families, couples and single Valkte get warm accommodation here in hardened snow huts, houses and buildings.

Farming District

The Farming district is made up of large sections of land, sheltered in a dome of Crysallis where vegetation and herbs are grown in a carefully controlled environment.

Guild District

The guild houses are built here if you’re looking for work, bounties or just to lend a helping hand in a certain profession.

Alpha District

The Alpha district is where the Alpha Valkte resides and rule as a council of their people. A large shard of Crysallis is surrounded by a dome in the centre of this district, used for the gathering of the council and its people.