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Drista Council

Characters Owned by Origami-Orange & Rh3xy 
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Written and Illustrated by @Origami-Orange

The Drista Council are the three pillars that support the city's prosperity - each Councilor has certain responsibilities that are crucial to Drista and it's people. On top of being the Valkte that all of Drista look up to in times of need, they themselves have their own history and story that plays a key part in the World of Aultora. Rules, regulations, judgements, the city relies on these three to keep the people safe, and make the hard decisions no one else will - sought after for their well-received strategies other realms look to them for guidance in times of need. 

The Chamber in the Alpha District is where the councillors gather to address the people, it's where decisions are made, judgements are finalised and problems are solved. It surrounds a large feature, a Crysallis shard the first that was discovered when the Valkte were still young. Decorated with the banners of the council - there are three illuminated circles where the councillors stand when addressing the people, here they connect with the Crysallis strongly and even listen to the whispers for advice to guide their decisions. Scroll down to read about each councillor and the roles they play in the city of Drista.  


Military Commander

Valaris is in charge of Drista’s Frost Blade Forces, protecting their city border, organising Wyvin transport, and maintaining beasts that appear from the Dragon Teeth Mountain Pass. Also known as Lock’s father, he is a ruthless Commander of his profession, some may call him cold, but he makes the hard decisions no one else can. 

He is also in charge of maintaining the Military, Guild and Forging Districts of Drista, making sure things work efficiently, people do their jobs and dealing with requests from other cities that require their forces. He also overlooks the provision of weapons and armour from the Forging District for the Frost Blade Forces.


Leader of the Red Hunters

Naria has her hands full, between organising the Red Hunter packs to keep Crimson Stalkers at bay, she also maintains the Medical, Trading and Farming Districts. Making sure the Medics are stocked with healing herbs and any resources they require from other Realms, the city is never without with her in charge of trading relations with Aultora’s Neighbours. 

The Farming District is protected by Red Hunter packs as well - from thieves and creatures, making sure their farmland and livestock aren’t in danger of depleting. Because Drista is located in a heavy snowy region, most of their farmland is within the city walls - however, there are certain herbs, fruits and other plant life that are grown on the outskirts of the city that require protection.


Representative of the People

Zakal oversees the civilians of Drista’s wellbeing, managing the Residential and Alpha District. 

Making sure the civilian’s needs are met and bringing solutions to help improve their lives within the City of Drista to the council. He is the voice of the people in the Alpha District, making sure their concerns are heard to the other Councilors. 

This is his main role - however he also has some, less public responsibilities to his city; Zakal has his eyes and ears all over Aultora, he updates the other councillors on any events throughout the realms that haven’t hit the public yet. Such as; the movements of the Unshackled and the Shadowbane assassins, goings-on in the other realms that may affect their city in any way. His resourcefulness and subtly can give Drista the upper-hand in certain scenarios.