This is a closed species - please read Valkte Terms of Use

Phrases and Words

The Valkte dialect is ancient and basic - whilst they do have a dialect; because the Valkte can communicate with each other via the Crysallis embedded in their flesh and because their city has become a large trading hub - it's very rare that you hear a Valkte speak their own tongue.

The wording below is just a few examples of their language and how to pronounce some of the more popular phrases and words. 

  • Greetings/Partings

    Hello - Saliva (Sal-eve-a)

    Welcome - Simmum (Sim-mum)

    Farewell - Valeh (Val-eh)

    Morning - Maneh (Man-eh)

    Afternoon - Diema (Di-em-ah)

    Night - Nolah (No-lah)

  • Romantic Gestures

    I Love you - A'meh lia (Ah-meh-li-ah)

    I want you - A'cup lia (Ah-coop-li-ah)

    Be mine - Melia (Meh-li-ah)

    Bondmate - Ani lah (An-i-lah)

    Love - Mila (Mi-lah)

    Heart - Sona (So-nah)

  • Terms of Endearment

    Soul Bound - Allureh (Al-ler-reh)

    My Love - Mehlia (Meh-li-ah)

    Dearest - Ah simeh (Ah-si-meh)

    Lover - Nilah (Ni-lah)

    Friend - Kida (Kee-dah)

  • Cursing


    Frozen Hell!

    Blood born!
    (See Description Below)

    Shards take me!
    (See Description Below)

    Eternity take you!

    Common curse words are also used:




    For example:

    Shards d**n you!

    F**king ...!

    Stalker's S**t!
    (See Description Below)

    (The use of the word 'Shards' when cursing - refers to the Crysallis in a slang term.)

    (The use of the term 'Blood Born' when cursing - refers to the curse and their hunger for flesh - meaning they are born of blood, cursed from birth.)

    (The use of the word 'Stalkers' when cursing - refers to the Crimson Stalkers.)

  • Adjectives

    Beautiful - Satis'ra (Sat-is-rah)

    Magical/Magic - Lepdis (Lep-dis)

    Disgusting - Grasse (Grah-sseh)

    Idiot - Staltus (Stal-tus)

    Serious - Van'nan (Van'narn)

    Dominant - Altur'ah (Al-ter-ah)

    Submissive - Parleh'dah (Par-leh-dar)

    Warm - Salidah (Sal-ee-dar)

    Hot - Salih (Sal-ee)

    Cold - Ikdus (Ik-dus)

    Sweet - Dar'li (Dar-lee)

    Strong - Zinn (Zi-nn)

  • Colours

    Blue - Ruleh (Rul-eh)

    Red - Nulen (Nu-len)

    Purple - Pura'nan (Pur-a-narn)

    Pink - Ronan (Ro-narn)

    Orange - Niaco (Ne-a-co)

    Yellow - Valfo (Val-f-oh)

    Green - Fridah (Fr-ee-dah)

    Black - Reos (Ree-os)

    White - Billium (Bil-lee-um)