This is a closed species - please read Dralic Terms of Use

Aultora Lore Terms of Use

Please read

Can Do: 

  • You can use your own adopted characters within the lore in a roleplay - story etc. as long as you are not using the Key Characters or other Lore based characters that belong to Origami-Orange, Rh3xy or Yggdrasial. 
  • You can get commissions/artwork of your characters set in certain areas of the Aultora lore so long as when you post the image credits are given to owners: Origami-Orange, Rh3xy or Yggdrasial. 

Can't Do:

  • You can't create your own world around Aultora - this includes Headcannon, games, or other activities that involve the World of aultora in any way. 
  • You cannot get commissions or artwork of Aultora characters that belong to Origami-Orange, Rh3xy or Yggdrasial. 
  • You cannot use any of the artwork on this website or anywhere else the artist has posted the work - it does not belong to you - you cannot use it without the Artists permission. 

More Info:

  • The Aultora World is a CLOSED world with hard-working world lore built behind it - pieces will be released over time until the Artist deems it complete. 
  • If you have any questions - please feel free to contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Any questions regarding Aultora, feel free to ask the artist, they are happy to answer. 
  • Only adopt an Aultora character if you truly wish to use them - a lot of work is put into their lore and design, it's heartbreaking to find out they're not being used or treated with respect. 
  • The Artist holds all rights to the design of the Aultora Races and their lore - nothing regarding their lore can be changed or altered in any way unless the artist deems it necessary. 
  • Please make sure to give the lore a read - there is a great deal, but it's worth it if you truly wish to connect to your character. 
  • Please keep your eye out for new lore! The Artist is constantly updating and creating new lore to gradually make the story of their origin rounded and exciting. 
  • The Artist holds all rights to all artwork she creates regarding the lore and artwork of races, including adopt reference sheets, commissions and comics etc.
Just have fun!