Written and Illustrated by Origami-Orange 

Wandering through the realms of Aultora you never know what you might come across. Perhaps even messages of sentiment that were never meant for your eyes - but who wouldn't read a mysterious message they found pinned to a job board or trapped in a bottle, right? 

Poems of Aultora, letters of sentiment that may or may not have been sent to their intending receiver, or perhaps just about certain events you didn't even know had happened. 


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A borrowed curse that taints my flesh,
Haunting whispers of distress.

I cannot crave I can only hate,
Whilst my body twists my darkened fate.

Frozen limbs harshen my grasp,
Nothing precious I hold will ever last.

A reflective print across my heart,
Reminds me that she’ll never part. 

Condemned to wander this endless snow,
But at least I will not linger alone. 

Curtains of blue shelter my soul,
Her love will forever make me whole.