Owned by Yggdrasial
A Protector first and a Hunter second, Mai is always prepared to defend her people and their islands from threats, be they invader or monster. Her spear-work is so dazzling that young Ka'Wai protectors have been known to ask to train under her. She takes pride in these teachings, more than willing to impart her knowledge and skill so that these Dralic are prepared and capable of defending themselves as much as their people from any threat to the islands. Her first lesson? Any day everyone returns from the hunt is a day worth celebrating. Beyond protecting her people, she enjoys 'Swimming the Wall', and late night swims among the corals, where she gets lost among their starlight bathed beauty and bioluminescent glows. These activities become even more enjoyable when she is accompanied by a beautiful female companion to share the night with.
  • Age:

  • Race:

  • Clan:

  • Place of Birth:

  • Favourite Object/s:

    Zek'elia Tooth Spear

  • Vices:

    a little too friendly with passing females…
  • Personality:

    Fun, Boisterous, Kind
  • Chosen Side:

    Ayla's Chosen
  • Relationship: