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An open minded and free spirited Kamina, Nallia loves to travel, loves nature, meeting new people, romance, she enjoys reading and discovering new things. Nallia is someone you can easily get along with and once you’re her friend, she will cherish you with all her heart. Being a Shaderift Sion, Nallia can revisit any of the places she’s been to if she remembers enough of it. But thanks to her photographic memory, that isn’t an issue. As Nallia travels through the different realms of Aultora, she is happy and grateful for her goddess Ayla for defeating the Ancients and ushering in this era of piece.

  • Age:

  • Race:

  • Place of Birth:

  • Favourite Object/s:

  • Vices:

    Too friendly, Too caring
  • Personality:

    Friendly, Helpful, Cheerful
  • Chosen Side:

    Ayla’s chosen
  • Relationship: