Valdez is a Ka'wai Hunter, his special bow allows his arrow to fire faster underwater than on the surface. His armour forged from the bones of his first hunt a large sea serpent that plagued the Wai Islands by attacked their fishing boats. He was awarded his markings after killing the creature to complete his proving

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Valdez may seem like a by the book kind of guy during his duties, however - when you get him on his own, he is an entirely different person. A submissive playful amourous Dralic that enjoys his late nights in the Amura tents...

However - his favourite pastime would have to wait, being the best at what he does he was sent to the mainlands by the Elders to help Saphina with a beast of their own known as The Sand Spirit. On his hunt, he bumped into a Kamina named Evanna - a Tempest Guardian with a serpent familiar named Azra. Valdez found her feeding the creature that he was supposed to hunt down - making him pause seeing her tend to it gently. 

After that, he wanted to learn how to communicate with the creatures as she did - and on their travels became close, until the day he knew he had to return to the Mo'anha islands, though technically he didn't finish his mission, he lied to the Elders to protect The Sand Spirit from being hunted again. 



  • Age:

  • Race:

  • Place of Birth:

  • Favourite Food:

    Meat Skewers, Violetberry Tarts
  • Favourite Object/s:

    His Helmet
  • Vices:

  • Personality:

    Reserved, Emotional, Stubborn
  • Relationship:

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