Altair was raised by his mother who ran from the Mo'anha islands to protect him from the Hewa Cultists - their experiment on him as an egg left him with a strange appearance and abilities. Keeping himself shrouded - Altair travelled, exploring the different realms, studying different races and their history. 

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That was how he met Phina; a Kamina wanderer, who’s magic was tied to the creatures of the world. Through her eyes, he saw more than he imagined, they didn’t leave each other’s side, experiencing the world together. 

He wears a shard amulet taken from the walls of the cave they shared their love for the first time, conceiving their children, and became the father of a new race to Aultora.

The story he shared with Phina is engraved in the stones of The Cave of the Forgotten - where one of his children to this day visits in their memory. 

  • Age:

  • Race:

  • Favourite Food:

    Grilled Fish, Dried Fickle Berries & Nuts
  • Favourite Object/s:

    Shard Amulet
  • Vices:

    Socially Awkward
  • Personality:

    Loving, Curious, Dense
  • Relationship:

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