Empress Hina

Hina was born from the Oblivion source - a residue of the Ancient's power after their Roots were annihilated with a powerful spell, every one thousand years Hina is reincarnated from the Guardian predecessors, cursed to inherit an unending cycle of memories alongside her sula’ne; Rhex, who she bore the first of their kind with; The Dralic, and became their Guardians together.

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Like Rhex, Hina usually resides in her beast-like form, flying above the Mo'anha islands; however, on the occasion, her younglings need their help, she and Rhex will appear on the Aloha Islands in Dralic form. 

Wielding a Moon Staff embedded with another Obsidian orb that continues the soul of the Kamina 'Ayla' who performed the 'Roots of Annihilation' spell to bring about the demise of the Ancient's Reign. 

Even Hina can hear the whispers of her soul when her staff rest's with Rhex's in the Aloha ruins, whilst they circle the home of the Dralic

Hina's ability allows her to see tunnels and paths from the past to the present and towards the far future. Usually, she is called upon to guide the Dralic clans in their hour of need.

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