Ursa was labelled as the Plague Witch after being accused of spreading illness through the Highlands sometime ago - however it was Ursa who found and distributed an antidote in a manner that left civilians unaware she even had a hand in the miraculous cure. 

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Unaffected by what the people thought of her - she left Saphina and lives solitarily in a home of her own she made in an old ruin south of the Highlands. Here she carried out her experiments, potions, elixirs, concoctions, colourful puffs of smoke can often be seen rising from her home. 

Rumours even spread of a large tentacle creature that dwells beneath her home... 

Alone for a time - buried in her work she didn't even realise how long, until she found herself out of materials and decided to head out to Drista for what she needed. 

This is when she ran into an interesting Valkte called Lock; who she helped escape the city guards - the sight of his Crysallis Arm had her more than intrigued. When he begged her to help him be rid of it - she took him back to her home. 

They grew attached after some time, it wasn't in her nature to grow attached so it was all new to her... Unfortunately, her experiments failed to cure Lock of his Crysallis curse - and to this day he is marked by her failed attempt. 


  • Age:

  • Race:

  • Class:

    Iron Maiden (Lore Coming Soon)
  • Place of Birth:

  • Favourite Food:

    Crimson Spiced Tea, Redbelly Tarts
  • Favourite Object/s:

    Ancient Grimoire
  • Vices:

    Workaholic, prone to mild explosions when experimenting
  • Personality:

    Stubborn, Erratic, Playfull
  • Relationship:

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