Emproer Rhex

Born from the Oblivion source - a residue of the Ancient's power after their Roots were annihilated with a powerful spell, Rhex was brought into the world with his heart in Hina's hands. His sula’ne; reincarnated alongside him, he and Hina bore the first of their kind; The Dralic, and became their Guardians. 

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Through the years he as a Guardian alongside Hina; has been a source of knowledge for other Aultora races, helping rebuild after the demise of the Ancient's Reign, and protectors of the Mo'anha islands and the links they hold to the Ancient's power; circling the home of their Dralic younglings in their beast-like forms 

When they are summoned in the Dralic's time of need - they appear in their Dralic forms. Rhex holds a sun staff embedded with an Obsidian orb; the orb contains the soul of the Ancient, 'Hadion'; the Ancient that became a key part of the demise of the Ancients and an object of the 'Roots of Annihilation' spell. 

Rhex's ability allowed him to trap his soul, even whilst his staff rests protected on the Aloha islands when in his beast-like form, Rhex can still hear the whispers of the Ancient's soul. 

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